6 Reasons why print media is an important part of your marketing mix!

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While online advertising is the most dominant form of advertising and marketing available, print media is far from dead and may be more effective in reaching your target market in 2022. With more and more people being bombarded with digital advertising such as social media ads and email marketing adding printing into your marketing mix is sure to get more leads for your business. While digital marketing is more effective at reaching a more targeted audience, print materials offer your prospect a brand experience that cannot be replicated online. We’ve put together six reasons why print media needs to be incorporated into your marketing mix.

1/ Tangible Media

Brochures, business cards, flyers & posters are all physical, tangible items. Unlike digital forms of advertising, all these items can stay in your prospect’s office for months or even years after receiving them. Tangible items not only hang around longer to jog the memory of your prospect, human beings still crave physical touch, and prospects mentally engage more with printed materials.

2/ Credible

It’s hard to deny the legitimacy imparted by print. The printed piece can be put down, and you can pick it back up at any time to continue reading. However, print media require real estate. That’s great for marketers! An item placed on a desk corner will remain there day after day until it is picked up again to be viewed.

3/ Established Brand

Marketers know the importance of having a well-recognized brand. Print publications and other branded materials are excellent ways to establish your brand. You can create effective branding using fonts, colours, images, and textures in your printed collateral.

4/ Engaging

An average website visit lasts just 15 seconds. A customer or prospect is more engaged when they read printed materials. A consumer spends an average of 43 minutes reading a magazine.

5/ Underutilised

The old has become new again as more companies take their marketing efforts online. Print media is the latest trend. Print media communications are nothing like they used to be. Email inboxes of customers and prospects are flooded with unsolicited advertisements and largely ignored news. Data and information are now available for marketers to make more informed decisions about content, consumption, and collateral types. This is why you should create and share great printed marketing collateral at the top of your list of strategic marketing initiatives.

6/ Incorporating print with digital

Are you under the impression that print media is static? If so, think again. Print media has many different types, and some of the largest players in print advertising are incorporating technology into their print advertisements in amazing ways. QR codes are just one of the ways printing can be integrated with digital mediums.

Print is here to stay; for the time being, we aren’t saying you should ditch all other forms of marketing, but you should look at adding printing into your marketing mix right away!

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