Website Design – Above the fold & beyond!

Web Design & Development

Human beings have an attention span of about eight seconds; ensuring that your website above the fold area is optimised for the best impact is crucial to a successful website. What is above the fold? The above the fold of a website is the content on your site that appears first and is visible without […]

Are you using the right colours for your brand?

Loads of people don’t stop to think about their brand colours when launching a business. Colours can directly influence your client’s behaviour and influence their perception. As business owners, you should be aware that choosing the right colours for your brand could lead to a more successful business. Different colours can convey different feelings to […]

Logo Design – The Good The Bad & The Ugly!

Logo Design - The Good The Bad The Ugly

5 Do’s & Don’ts For Logo Design There’s more to logo design than making a pretty picture on a screen! 1 / Using Contact Details – Don’t Your logo isn’t signage; you don’t need your phone number, website or a brief description about what your business does. Contact details belong on your marketing collateral, not […]