Should Print Media Be Part of Your Marketing Plan?

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The way we advertise has drastically changed these past 2 decades on the Sunshine Coast. But even if you mainly favour digital when mapping out your marketing plan, we advise you to not overlook printed media. Here’s why.

What is a printed media?

To advertise, businesses have the options to use various printed medias to promote their brand and services or products. 

Used correctly, printed advertising can be as -if not more- effective than digital. 

Our non-exhaustive list of printed medias:

  • Flyers, brochures, catalogues and leaflet
  • Billboards, posters and banners
  • Newspaper or magazine ads
  • Direct mail and post cards
  • Personalised signage (like tear drop banners)
  • Business cards, coupons, invitations
  • Letterheads & envelopes
  • Branded goodies or promotional products featuring your name, slogan and contact information (like a magnet fridge or a notebook)
  • Thank you cards

Why is print media helpful to your marketing efforts?

Effective print materials offer a brand experience to your potential customers that can’t be replicated online. 

There are 6 reasons to why print medias can make a lasting impact on your target market:

 1. Print is tangible: 

And it will last longer than a deletable email or ephemeral tweet. A brochure can stay days, months or years in homes and offices. You can put it down and come back to it. Pre-covid, it wasn’t surprising to skim through a 5 years old magazine in the doctor’s waiting room.

2. Print is legitimate:

There’s a feeling of legitimacy associated to the fact that you can hold print material in your hand. Think about the pleasure you get from buying your favourite newspaper. You look for the information in it because you trust it. Information that is printed goes through more steps than the digital one. And unconsciously with give it more weigh. 

3. Print establishes your brand

Print still pique’s people’s interest; more than a click bait online ad. Branded goodies or ads establishes your brand’s personality and aesthetics (font, colours, logo). Strategically planned, you can help reiteration. And once your material is out there and your audience sees it several times, you’ve established consistency in your brand. 

4. Print reaches your target market

Strategically placed print materials can reach the demographic you’re looking to target. Choose the right place and you’ll get the right audience. A poster for a snack in a train station can target hungry people in a hurry to catch their train and who didn’t prepare anything to eat.

5. Print is more engaging  

When websites are skimmed through in less than 15 seconds per visit, potential customers spend more time on a printed media. Digital ads are usually avoided at all costs, and most of them are eagerly skipped to reach the actual content. The ad view times are incredibly low online. Whereas an ad printed on glossy paper is an enjoyable experience. 

6. Print is less competitive

Old id new again! Because digital advertising is easier and less costly, most companies are taking their marketing efforts online. This means that there is less competition for printed material. Leaving you with more choice.

3 tips to make print more interactive

– Use QR codes: they are easily customisable to keep consistency with your brand and they’re a great way to link tangible material to your digital presence. 

– Use Infographics and custom illustrations: any dull information is made funnier and easier to digest with cool graphics and illustrations. It can give a real identity to your brand and make you memorable. 

– Include your social media icons: Link printed and Digital advertisement to make sure you register your conversions. 

We’re not saying you should put all your eggs in the same basket but you’ll do best if you smartly harness the power of both worlds. Print AND digital.

And you should carefully think about your print effort as plastering public places or filling mailboxes with ‘junk’ can sabotage your message. 

Do you need help in planning your marketing efforts? Book a Free Consultation with us.

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