14 Creative Promotional Products Ideas 

Promotional Products & Merchandise
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Promo product #1: The lip balm

This funky little cube sends a message: that you care. You care about your clients or employees’ comfort. A warm feeling that will be associated with your brand.

Lip balms promo product 1
Lip balms promo product 2
Lip balms promo product 3

Promo product #2: The beer opener

Often overlooked, having this little guy on a keychain can increase one’s status from regular human to saviour of the night! 

Nothing better than a branded beer opener to make your client forever grateful to you for their one-night ennoblement.

Promo product #3: The temporary tattoos

What better way than to say it with ink? 

The temporary tattoo is the mark of undying support for your brand. Perfect for team building days, team fans, events and festivals. 

Sunshine Coast Lightening_Tattoos_Insta-01
Sunshine Coast Lightening_Tattoos_Insta-02
Sunshine Coast Lightening_Tattoos_Insta-03

Promo product #4: The beer holder

Beer holders are a great way to get creative with the branding. It’s perfect to showcase your brand as cool, creative and fun. 

Here we created a custom Rick & Morty inspired cartoon version of the business owner to create a fun little product. Not bad for an Insurance company! 

Method_Insurance_Stubby Cooler
Method_Insurance_Stubby Cooler_ARTWORK

Promo product #5: The reusable tote bag

You can never go wrong with the eco-friendly tote bag. It is the trendiest promotional product right now. It shows you care about the planet, is a valuable gift, and is a great way to advertise your brand with genuine ambassadors. 

Sunshine Coast Lightning_Bags Post_Insta-02
Sunshine Coast Lightning_Bags Post_Insta-04
Sunshine Coast Lightning_Bags Post_Insta-01

Promo product #6: The embroidered hat

A helpful gift here on the Sunshine Coast when the sun is out! Perfect for your employees if they work mostly outside.

We even did some waterproof hats for one of our clients to keep their scalp warm and toasty even on rainy days.


Promo product #7: The comfy picnic blanket 


That’s a creative promotional gift! The custom fold-up picnic blanket can be embroidered with a logo and any other information that will make it even more special to the receiver. 

Here, we made some classy-looking blankets with our client’s logo, the individual name of the member they were gifting it to and the year they’d signed in. 

Promo product #8: The soft jacket

We like to look the part at BrandLift, and when we got cold in the cooler months, we jumped on the opportunity to brand these fabulous jackets. 

Embroidered, fitted, lined with the softest fluff inside for warmth, and a waterproof material outside to keep us dry.

Promo product #9: The vintage visor

You say old school? We say vintage! This is the ultimate go-to for the shade seekers born and bred on Sunshine Coast beaches. 

This is for trendy clients who would love the super fresh look of an old-school visor. 

Sunshine Coast Lightening_Visors-01
Sunshine Coast Lightening_Visors-02

Promo product #10: The vacuum cups

On brand with the eco-friendly trend, the vacuum cup can result in some awesome looking merchandising. 

The ones we made for Hypa are powder-coated and engraved to show through the stainless steel body of the cup. Pretty cool!

Promotional Products & Laser Engraving
Vacuum Cup Promo product 1

Promo product #11: The collapsible cooler

We love a valuable promotional item. And this one is sure to pack some snacks and drinks for the beach, on a camping trip or on the side of a netball game. 

We love the clever shoulder strap and the collapsible material that packs slim and compact when you’re not using it. 

Cooler Promotional Product 1
Sunshine Coast Lightening Coolers
Coolers Promotional Product 2

Promo product #12: The soft touch notebook

Notebooks are a mainstream promotional product, but you can get super creative to make them unique. And it is still a product anyone would be happy to receive as a gift. 

Here we printed some vibrant white ink on a super soft notebook to touch for a classy result. 

Promo product #13: The team singlet 

It is the best idea for your employees if you’re all adept players of a favourite sports game! 

Comfortable, creative and funny, these make an impression.

Promo product #14: The practical lanyard 

More than just a quick identification tool, or easy access to a much-needed ID card, we love the infamous lanyard for this warm, fuzzy feeling of importance it gives its wearers.

Sunshine Coast Lightening_Lanyards-04
Sunshine Coast Lightening_Lanyards-01
Sunshine Coast Lightening_Lanyards-02

Consistency is critical when looking at your branding. At BrandLift, we are experts in design and printing, ensuring that your brand is consistent across all mediums!

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