Create your Marketing strategy in 6 easy steps

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It is HARD to keep up with new marketing trends! And honestly, it changes so fast that it can feel overwhelming. 

But there are always some critical components you will need to figure out before launching yourself in your next Marketing strategy.

Follow the guide!

Step 1: To develop customer-targeted Marketing strategies, know your audience!

You need to know them so well that you can create buyers’ personas – What does your perfect buyer look like? What do they eat? What are their hobbies? How much do they earn? Etc. 

Have fun with it – give your perfect buyers names! Like Healthy Holly – but be specific!


Step 2: Identify your goals

It could be to boost your sales by 5% by the end of the year. Or, as a marketer, you could want to increase your subscription rate by the end of the month. 


Step 3: Know your business and your industry

You need to determine who your competitors are in the industry, their strengths, and what makes you unique. 

Analyze your competitor’s offer (price and quality), stability, history, image, brand, and promotional tools. 

Then, look honestly at your brand and product and determine your unique qualities. It might be your experience, your values, the quality of your offer, or your price.


Step 4: Identify your deep benefit

What do you really offer? If you sell a super efficient toothbrush, your deep benefit is not its five new features! What you’re selling is feeling beautiful and confident. That’s what will reel in your customers! And that’s where lies your key messaging, your key marketing ideas. 


Step 5: Choose your tools

Depending on your goals, you must choose the best mediums to reach your audience and convey your key messaging.

If you are a local plumber that needs to raise awareness of your brand in the neighbourhood, investing in some car signage can be a great idea as you’re always on the move. Your audience will see your brand and your contact information. 

If you’re a photographer, you might want to look into social media, and invest in an SEO strategy and some business cards to network! 

Since there are many Marketing tools, we created this Checklist to give you some ideas on how to sell your business.

Marketing Checklist

Step 6: Act on it!

Once you choose your preferred tools or mediums, get started! And ask for help. Not everyone can design the best car signage possible, with the right pieces of information to put on and to make it pop. 

Look around who could give you the right advice on how to do it best (don’t look too far… we’re right here!) and ask for a meeting. You should be able to judge immediately if they know what they’re talking about or if they have done it before. 




At BrandLift, we help you develop the best strategies for your needs. It helps that we have trusted partners we have worked with since the beginning to offer the best advice, quality and prices!


We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE consultation. 

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